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Our Community

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Sunshine Coast community projects

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about” – Margaret J. Wheatley

Barns Lane Farm - part of the community.

Community is the heart and centre of what we do and why we do it. We hope to create a healthier environment and educational pathways for our young people, provide a platform for innovators and producers to connect and grow, while supporting charities and groups thrive.

Supporting and growing local

Our mission and commitment is to support and ‘grow’ local, wherever we can, and in as many ways as possible.


Barns Lane Farm

How we do it

We’re a collective space for the best local businesses to share their labours with the community and their guests.


Respect the environment

What we believe

Great things grow from respect.
The best things happen when we respect the land, the environment and the local community.


Supporting the locals

Success comes from strong communities.

Giving back, support, collaboration and empowerment are our tools for long-term success.


A cleaner tomorrow

It’s about building better futures.

That means sustainability now, and driving innovation for a cleaner tomorrow.

Community Partnerships

Barns Lane Farm is first and foremost about interacting and creating unique partnerships with key community stakeholders.

This forms a core part of the values which underpin the reason behind creating Barns Lane Farm and this will grow and evolve over time as we come across different community groups with shared values and visions.

At this stage we are very excited that Compass Farms and Mini Farms will have a presence at Barns Lane Farm.

build your business with Barns Lane Farm

Barns Lane Farm

To help grow your business

Barns Lane Farm incorporates a diverse range of offerings including our Produce Hall, Dining Precinct, Education and more!

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