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Produce Hall

The Ultimate Farmer’s Market

Produce Hall

The building has been designed on a grand scale with exposed trusses referencing grand produce halls from years gone by while mixing in the fresh air with natural ventilation, stunning garden views and of course, sunshine.

The selection of permanent stallholders within the Produce Hall gives locals and visitors alike the confidence they will have access to their regular favourites and are surprised by the ever-changing offerings from the casual kiosks.

The vision is the Produce Hall stock predominantly locally sourced products, with a focus on sustainable farming and organic produce.

Business Enquiries

The centrepiece of Barns Lane Farm

Tenancies for the produce hall open now

If you are a local producer, we would like you to become part of the Barns Lane Farm community. We have purpose built tenancies that suit a wide range of artisan products, making for a perfect place for your business.